The Mogrys will be back in the Water soon!

A small update about the Motor replace.

We've been busy with the underwater hull for the last few weekends. 

There are now 5 layers of Gelshield 200 on it and that should last for the next few years. Unfortunately we had to find out that the keel needs a restoration next time and scraping off about 20 layers of antifouling wasn't fun either....

After we kept scraping the keel, a crater landscape came to the fore......

Then there was the problem of timing. We got a crane appointment on March 29th, 2022 and we had planned for mid-April...

But the shipyard gave the OK and by then the new Vetus E-Line 10kW should be installed and functional. So from now on it was grinding and painting at 5 degrees...

Of course, the shipyard was not completely idle either and installed a new shaft and the motor... If you want to know how big the LiFePo4 batteries are, you should take a look at the consumer battery... the big black boxes are the new batteries ;)

Yes, I have to clean up again, but I can't work with water in the cockpit at the moment because the inspection hatch hasn't been closed yet and I don't want to destroy the new engine right away.

The underwater hull now has the new antifouling and the shipyard still has to install the water cooling and the batteries. A Bluetooth battery monitor is installed to monitor the discharge and remaining time.

Saturday the waterless will be repaired and the saison can be begin :)

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Typ: Sabre 27

Werft: Eric White of Marine Construction (UK)

Design: Alan F. Hill

Bj.: 1971

Material: GFK

Länge: 8,32 m

Länge Wasserlinie: 6,70 m

Breite: 2,80 m

Tiefgang: 1,37 m

Gewicht: 3.084 Kg

Ballast: 1.300 Kg

Kiel: Kurzkieler

Ruderanlage: Pinnensteuerung

Motor: Vetus e-Line 11 kW

Kraftstoff: Elektrisch

Aktive Wasserkühlung

Antrieb: Innenborder mit Wellenantrieb

Batterien: 2x 200 Ah 48 Volt