Battery System

48 Volt LiFePo4

So we have now ordered the battery packs and the charger.

I was looking for lithium batteries that are as small as possible and also have little weight.

The default was at least 4 hours of operation at 4.5 knots. Yes, I am aware that this depends on many other factors ... (current, wind and waves)

So we started looking and it was very difficult ... In Germany there were only standard batteries or AGM batteries. With AGM we had to make do with significantly reduced charging cycles with a discharge of 80%. Most manufacturers then only specify 300 - 400 charging cycles, but the price would then have been half the current price.
The LiFePo4 battery is specified with 2000 - 3000 charging cycles and has an internal battery management system. This prevents deep discharge and overcharging. Yes, LiFePo4 lose a little capacity over time, but that is negligible given the size we have chosen.

When we are in a port, we have time to charge and have therefore opted for a 1168 watt 48 volt charger.

Why didn't we choose a bigger one? Very easily.....

We orientated ourselves on other experience reports and they report that the safety device on the jetty was often triggered because the cables and the large number of boats on the jetty were not designed for this. Furthermore, a slower charge is better for the batteries.

We will no longer use a 12 volt battery for the internal power grid, so a 48 volt to 12 volt power converter will be used in the future.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me. Via the contact form on this page.

The next update will follow shortly ...

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Typ: Sabre 27

Werft: Eric White of Marine Construction (UK)

Design: Alan F. Hill

Bj.: 1971

Material: GFK

Länge: 8,32 m

Länge Wasserlinie: 6,70 m

Breite: 2,80 m

Tiefgang: 1,37 m

Gewicht: 3.084 Kg

Ballast: 1.300 Kg

Kiel: Kurzkieler

Ruderanlage: Pinnensteuerung

Motor: Vetus e-Line 11 kW

Kraftstoff: Elektrisch

Aktive Wasserkühlung

Antrieb: Innenborder mit Wellenantrieb

Batterien: 2x 200 Ah 48 Volt